Why Did We Create OmniVest?

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At OmniVest Group we have witnessed both the positive and the negative aspects of the Wall Street experience. We came together naturally as a team because we share a common belief that the client’s best interest is always paramount. We believe that an organization could be built around this basic tenet and that clients will gravitate toward a firm that demonstrated this principle in action. We eschewed the hard sales, product push and bottom line mentality of many investment firms and seek to focus instead on the quality of our advice, the integrity of our relationships and the positive effect we can have on people’s lives.

With this commonality of purpose, we envisioned building:

  • An organization that would be truly different, one that would allow us to utilize our skills for an appreciative client base, and establish a legacy that would make us proud to be associated.
  • An Investment Boutique that allows us to work with clients on a personal level to help them achieve their financial goals.
  • A center of excellence that encourages expression of thought and a cross section of opinions – a dynamic that no longer exists within the large institutional brokerage community.
  • An Advisory Business that does not depend on sales, marketing goals, product push and commissions, but rather focuses on what is simply right for the client.
  • A relaxed, but professional atmosphere where we can be ourselves and enjoy our work without the stifling bureaucracy of Wall Street.