What Truly Independent Research Means to Our Clients:

Tom is able to provide his views on markets, products and world events unencumbered by corporate concerns. OmniVest is not a product shop. As a result, we do not push products to our clients, freeing Tom to provide truly independent guidance that focuses entirely on their needs. Because we are not a brokerage firm or a bank, OmniVest Group need never worry about how Tom’s macro views may impact a bond trading desk or an ongoing wholesale product initiative. His opinions are bold, honest and, often, ahead of the Street. Tom takes pride in being out of the mainstream of popular opinion and, at times contrarian. Recently, a client described Tom’s research and said that he liked the fact that Tom told him what to expect in the future for the markets and did not simply describe what has recently transpired.

Below is a growing list of examples where our clients were able to benefit from the wisdom of Tom’s early calls, as reflected in our client’s portfolios and published in his weekly reports at the time:

  • In 2007, Tom recognized the perils of the Auction Rate Note market and successfully steered clients out of this troubled investment product.
  • Also in 2007, Tom directed staff to find Treasury only money market funds and was successful in avoiding all of the problems that plagued money market funds in late 2007 and early 2008.
  • In late 2008, Tom began articulating the view that credit spreads were too wide and reflected a tremendous investment opportunity where corporate bonds would likely outperform equities, with special emphasis on high-yield bonds and distressed assets.
  • He also steered clients away from the credit sensitive municipal bond market in favor of investment grade corporate bonds. This tactical shift has earned our clients an incremental 500 basis points.
  • Tom was also an earlier believer in the V-shaped recovery which helped to shift our clients´ money into emerging market equities and commodity based currency markets.
  • He has held the view that the dollar was in a secular decline for the past 4 years and continues to believe that the dollar’s reign as the single global reserve currency has run its course. As such, he has favored gold as a core portion of one’s portfolio.
  • Early on, Tom began encouraging our clients to direct a substantial portion of their equity allocation into the emerging markets and he continues to be bullish on the opportunities outside of the USA.
  • In various newsletters beginning in January of 2010, Tom began warning subscribers of the dangers of bond funds and advised exiting those investments. In their July 10, 2010 issue, Barron’s Magazine made a similar call – a full six months later.
  • Tom moved our clients out of US Treasuries and published warnings to subscribers of his concern for the value of these positions in April of 2010. A full year later, In April of 2011, PIMCO and other leading managers made news by making a similar call.
  • In various newsletters throughout 2010 (and before) Tom warned of the perils of the municipal bond investments and he moved our clients out of exposure to this market. In 2011, a leading research analyst found herself on 60 Minutes by making a similar call. Tom responded with a piece saying that the call was really too late as munis have performed so poorly over the past several years when compared to other bond returns.
  • Today, Tom continues to emphasize the need for exposure to equities and emerging market equities in particular. He continues to favor gold and other commodities and to remain on the short end of the debt market. Tom works continuously with our clients to properly position their portfolios for the markets ahead.