Hedge Fund Investing Guided by Frits Besselaar

Frits Besselaar, President of OmniVest Group, has directly invested his own family’s private capital in hedge funds for over 25 years. During this time, Frits has experienced first-hand the evolution of the alternative investment industry. OmniVest Group offers alternative investment expertise geared towards either a single mandate (alternative only) portfolio or as part of our holistic advisory services where the use of alternative investments is appropriate. In either instance, our advice is customized to the liquidity and risk parameters of our clients. Furthermore, our investment recommendations are based on firm-wide views of specific strategies relative to an ever-changing global macro environment.

Clients invest directly in the investment management LP structure, or offshore versions of our recommended alternative managers. We generally limit the use of fund of funds, unless required to achieve sufficient diversity in any one specific account. We are also aware of a number of independent alternative investment platforms that allow advisory firms to create customized allocations via feeder fund structures.